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The distinctive three-prong peninsula, which resembles a trident piercing the Aegean, features coasts lined with 500 km of beautiful beaches, hills and mountains with thick forests. A natural paradise, largely unscathed by modern development, and a land of contrasts, where seemingly endless sandy beaches meet idyllic coves, the air is scented by pine forests, and the captivating turquoise sea separates the three narrow prongs of Kassandra, Sithonia and Mt. Athos.

Chalkidiki does not only features quaint fishing hamlets and spectacular scenery, but also offers a vast selection of top-notch tourist facilities. A number of deluxe hotels and resorts offer a complete range of facilities, from fully equipped conference halls with state of the art technical support systems, to a wide selection of recreational services. That go a long way to making every visit a highly memorable occasion. A wide range of other sporting facilities including an 18-hole championship golf course along with excellent shopping opportunities and an international fair center, in Thessaloniki, complete the picture of one of the most favourite European destinations. Luxurious establishments, with a vast selection of facilities available.





















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Built on the shores of the Thermaic Gulf-the old town was built on the slopes of the Corfiati-range-features tree-lined streets, spacious squares, cafeterias and traditional restaurants, all of which provide the ideal setting for visitors seeking relaxation and those who love shopping in fashionable neighbourhoods, where leather goods, furs and jewellers are available at very reasonable prices.

From a historical viewpoint, one should not miss the findings of the royal tombs of Vergina, displayed in the archaeological museum. The city's cultural life is boosted by numerous Art-galleries, concert-halls, theatres and reaches its peak during a month-long festival, the Dimitria, in October.

Thessaloniki is currently the second largest and most important port in Greece. Second size after Athens, the city is of significant importance with a university, a famous international trade center, offering visitors all the lively rhythm of a major modern cultural and artistic center. it features a large number of hotels, spanning from moderate to highly luxurious establishments, with a vast selection of facilities available. With Aegean you will find very frequently schedules to Thessaloniki all year around, book a cheap direct flight and enjoy a premium service experience.

Istanbul from 64€ Moscow from 99€


Breathtaking Santorini: Formed by repeated volcanic explosions thousands of years ago, Santorini has justifiably captured the imagination of world travellers who dream of seeing the imperial charm of its caldera up close, of diving into the sea from black sandy beaches and tasting the internationally renowned Santorinian cuisine made using local products that the arid landscape has endowed with unique flavour. Aegean Airlines & Olympic Air offers more than 7 daily direct flights to Santorini, so don’t wait anymore, book your air tickets and enjoy a breathtaking Santorini.


The capital of Lower Saxony offers entertainment for every taste. Now that summer is upon us, visitors to this northern German city shouldn't miss a stroll in the beautiful Tiergarten forest with its deer and numerous birds, and a visit to the Maschsee, an artificial lake where you can enjoy watersports or attend one of the many cultural events ranging from concerts to culinary festivals.

Explore the baroque gardens at Herrenhausen before heading to the Palace Museum, where the exhibition “Palaces and Gardens in Herrenhausen – from the Baroque to the Modern Day” is currently on display. Fans of modern art should set some time aside to tour the Sprengel Museum. Walking around the city centre, traversed by the River Leine, have your camera at the ready to photograph the Neues Rathaus and Altes Rathaus (New and Old Town Halls), the neo-gothic 14thcentury Market Church (Marktkirche) and the vibrant scenes along Bahnhofstrasse, a pedestrian street connecting the Central Station with the Kröpcke Square, the main meeting point in the heart of the city. Aegean Airlines offer connecting flights to Hannover in co-operation with Lufthansa.

London from 75€

Paris from 75€

Venice from 53€

Barcelona from 64€

AEGEAN’s 17 new destinations

Even more options are opening up for AEGEAN passengers, as new direct flights are taking off in Europe, Asia and the Middle East while more aircraft are being added to the fleet, bringing total availability to 15 million seats.

From the enchanting Aegean islands to Europe’s biggest metropolises and from the exotic countries of the Middle East to the sun-kissed cities of the Mediterranean, the choices available to AEGEAN passengers this year are almost endless. In 2015, the flight network is being augmented with 17 new destinations – Helsinki, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Deauville, Metz, Pisa, Alexandria, Sharm el-Sheikh, Malta, Amsterdam, Paphos, Riyadh, Tallinn, Oslo, Tehran, Dubrovnik and Yerevan – and 9 new countries – Finland, Malta, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Norway, Iran, Croatia and Armenia.

Having established its position as one of the best regional carriers in Europe and firmly focusing on boosting tourism in Greece and contributing to the country’s economy, AEGEAN is adding these new destinations to its existing network and expanding it with one of the youngest fleets in Europe, now totalling 57 aircraft after the recent purchase of new Airbus A320ceos. The increase in flights will not just affect the company’s main base, Athens – which AEGEAN has linked to 61 international destinations – but also that of Heraklion, which is now connected to 44 destinations in 21 countries. The increase in the number of destinations and flights also concerns traffic from the company’s other six bases (Rhodes, Corfu, Chania, Kos, Kalamata and Larnaca).